How To Host And Connect to Multiplayer Servers In Falcon 4 BMS



1. Forward Ports 2934-2935 TCP/UDP to your local IP (


To Find Local IP address (start > run > cmd, enter, ipconfig) - look for "ethernet adapter local area connection" ipv4 address

To Find Router Login/Password: or google

2. Determine Upload Speed (, note megabits

3. Convert upload speed to kilobits, 1 mbps = 1000 kilobits, eg. 2 mbps = 2000 kilobits

4. Go into Falcon 4, go to comms:

Click new

Name: My Computer

Connection IP:

Connection BW: About 75% of your upload speed in kilobits not your exact upload speed.

Uncheck the IVC boxes


5. Connect to your own server.

6. Go to campaign/TE, start a new game as you would normally

7. For IVC:

Forward 9987-9989 as per #1 above TCP/UDp

Run Falcon launcher, select IVC server, minimize


In Falcon:

1. Click comms

Name: Friend's Computer

IP: host WAN IP (host should check

Connection Bandwidth: No higher than 512 (128-256 is fine) and NOT blank

IVC boxes: check if using IVC

IVC server IP: host WAN IP if using IVC

IVC password: By default, blank

2. Click campaign/tactical engagement

3. Go to the online tab

4. Click the server name, click commit

5. Play



Chris Krause

Video Tutorial: