Cicero Has Risen From the Dead and Hit His Head on a McDonalds

Integrity of character is perhaps the most crucial discipline a citizen of the state may earn. Rewards of the soul far outweigh the hollow rewards of the coin. In the end, we come into this world with nothing but ourselves and leave this world with nothing but ourselves. The republican aspirations of civic virtue, community and sincerity through ethics, passion and logic (ethos, pathos, logos) are but a distant memory and this is a grave injustice to any man who aspires to attain legitimate citizenship in the modern era. The golden age of Washington has been washed away by a society dependant on bastard substances, instant gratification and materialism. The people have abandoned all manner of civic responsibility and instead side as bovine automatons prodded along by serpent tongued demagogues and illegitimate Caesars. The red herring of the times reveals itself within the school system, a hierarchical propaganda machine which rewards the rich and well to be WASP with privilege while resigning the plebs and helots to a lesser fate of blue colored utility by never acknowledging their potential. The incredible bias observed in this system is unacceptable for a republican state; never should the less able be rewarded with meal tickets simply because their forbearers once were. Never should an education system be plagued by formality and ritual.

In the beginning of my public schooling career I was not yet educated on the fundamentals of Ciceronian Rhetoric, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Memetics and language and thus was resigned to a similar fate as my peers. I would later discover that nearly all the heroes and conflicts spoon fed to me were venomous lies. How can we toast to a gluttonous Italian who massacred 3 million Arawak Indians at least five hundred years after the Saxons founded trade colonies in North America and thus discounting the claim that he discovered it? How can we toast to a Puritan who subjugated and obliterated dozens of cultures just as the inquisitors had in the land to which he escaped with other European bourgeoisie? These men are not heroes; they represent the antithesis of moral republican statesmen and orators.

I found myself being forced to alienate myself to keep my own righteousness intact and unchallenged by the greed and lust of the world. As a member of the alleged social elite in school I had the privilege of observing first hand the crimes and corruption of the supposedly Brahmin children. The truth of the matter is that the “honors” and “advanced placement” students are all cheaters, liars, manipulators and whores who achieve their position of alleged scholastic superiority by controversial and often illegal means. It was not uncommon for entire classes to take tests together, copy their projects off of or bring unapproved calculators and/or pocket electronic devices to SAT and AP exams.

Everything was plagiarized, often one student would do a project then the rest of the class would create derivative works off of it or hand in duplicate papers. All assignments were done in school, usually as a team, often with an abducted teacher answer sheet or guide, typically a period before they were due. The kids who look the best on paper are mostly counterfeit intellects and pathological liars who will one day inherit this country as lawyers and politicians.

Good job on raising insincere cheaters, parents of America, I applaud the effort. Among these blind fools I would find not sanctuary or friends, I would only find appearances and constructed personas, empty gestures and forced smiles in their climb to the top of the food chain; the illuminated eye.

Graduation is not as glorious as many make it out to be. After the haunting and hug filled parties, and after the streamers and fireworks are gone, beyond all the keg stands and final dialogues there is nothing left of the world one has been living in for more then a decade besides a poorly printed diploma with a mass pressed signature of an uncaring and unknown administration, save the passing formal handshake received ever-so-warmly on the passing of the graduation stage. The final kiss off is graduation, a formulaic and lifeless ritual that has no real meaning.

The true day of graduation was the last day of class, a confusing and panic stricken trial by fire that resulted in many nervous breakdowns and tear soaked shoulders, including my own. The transition from high school culture to the professional is not eased by campus invitationals or little booklets – it is abrupt and violent, and does not sink until the last day when one has to say goodbye to the people they have been living and dying with for all their life. Of course since the day is structured in the same rigid format of a typical class day – one does don’t have the liberty to say goodbye to everyone and will miss at least half of the people they needed to say something to one last time.

Beyond all the facades, lies and rituals of our education system lies the true, ethical intellectual who is hated by his peers for the legitimacy possessed. Many of these brilliant young minds are suppressed immediately by the conventions and red tape of the system. May we all offer a toast to the defiant teacher who plants the seeds of curiosity and discontent in the youth and refuses to side with the lesson plans that glorify murderers, imperialism and endless bastardizations of republican ideals to keep the masses stupid and submerged in telecine clouds until death. It is the responsibility of every citizen to restore the republic of Washington (of Cicero) to its former glory and with post haste, for time is of the essence. In the spring the waters of the Rubicon will thaw and open the way, what voice will warn of the emperor’s return?

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