How I Lost and Continue to Lose Weight

People often ask me how I lost and continue to lose weight so effectively. I decided to compile my methods into a guide I am developing slowly but consistently – it’s also intended as a general resource for obese people who want to lose weight and have been unable to in the past.

In a prior post on this blog I linked an early version of this work, but it’s come a long way since then. While the first version was written mainly on a whim after I had a sudden burst of inspiration while taking a shower, and was little over ten pages, the new guide is approaching 40 pages, as I approach nearly 160 lbs lost in less than a year.

You should read it if:

  • You are curious how I am losing weight
  • You are obese yourself, feel hopeless and want to lose weight

If you do read it and are one of those who is looking to lose weight, please provide feedback. I have privately distributed to a few individuals on forums I am part of, they followed my plan and all lost weight significantly, but I am still eager for wider feedback. I hope to continue to develop it to well over 100 pages, as fate allows.

Here is the download link:

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